February 29, 2016

Hey Friends

100 Kids Kingston had a very special event at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning on February 20, 2016. We gathered to make a little video featuring a small but mighty cast of the 100 Kids group singing the new theme song.  We were joined by Braden Dragomir from make hay media who filmed us in action as we learned to sing the song.  I brought my audio recording equipment and, together, we turned the Malting Tower into a recording/film studio.

Here’s a little video of the children in action. Thanks to Braden for his creative work.  And thanks to all the children and their parents for joining us to help in pioneering the launch of the song. (Our hope is to, eventually, have the ENTIRE group—all 205 kids—learn the song together.)

Thanks, as always, to Julie Fossit and Jess Duggan for orchestrating the event and to the Tett Centre for hosting us.

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