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Gary Rasberry

Song Story & Sound Artist
Performance & Pedagogy

Experience at a Glance
Academic CV

Job Description #1

Job Description #1:

Work and Play with People & Ideas
A Connector-of-Dots: Bring People & Ideas together.
Wish to Serve the Human Project.
Lifelong Quest:
How Best to Give my Gifts Away

Job Description #2

Job Description #2:

Work & Play with Language:
Words. Melodies. Poetry. Lyrics. Songs. Stories.
Spoken Word. Aphorisms. Essays. Dissertations. ‘To Do’ Lists.

Job Description #3

Job Description #3:

Work & Play with Children.
Sing. Talk. Tell Stories. Imagine. Compose. Create. Read. Listen. Love. Laugh.

Job Description #4

Job Description #4:

Work and Play with people who are busy asking,
How Do We Learn to Craft a Life that Matters?

Belief # 1 (Children)

Belief #1 (Children)

Children are amazing scary beautiful creatures
sent here to remind us how little we know about
Anything & Everything.

Belief # 2 (Adults)

Belief # 2 (Adults)

It’s hard work being a human being.
Humans want to do good things. We are not Cookie Cutters.
We do not want to blend in. We do not want to look in the back of the book for the correct answers.
Humans are hungry for meaning. Dying to connect. Longing to make a difference.

Belief # 3 (Parents)

Belief #3 (Parents)

Is parenting crazyhard or what?!?
(But nice work if you can get it.)
Someone holding up a Large Cosmic Mirror
as you raise your children so you can see yourself
doing everything wrongrightwrongrightwrong

Belief # 4 (Parenting)

Belief #4 (Parenting)

Children are too wise for parenting.
I mean it.
They are brilliant lights shining
and we stare into their brightness wondering how many
watts might be possible?

Parents must come face to face
with the inherent impossibility of parenting
knowing we signed up for the long haul.
(And loving it.)

Belief # 5 (On Being Human)

Belief #5 (On Being Human)

Our Contradictions make for Interesting & Fruitful Juxtapositions.


What’s The Big Idea?


Mission Statement



The Big Idea is sometimes funny. It’s partly cloudy. It’s partly sunny.
It’s a cup of tea served with honey.  It’s a Big Idea for sure …


What’s the Big Idea?!?

It’s my children’s album
which is full of songs for children and their parents
to Listen to & Sing along with when they feel so moved.

What’s the Big Idea?!?

It’s a Travelling Road Show that visits
music festivals, living rooms, community halls & classrooms
The Road Show can be small: me & my blue guitar
The Road Show can be Big:
The Big Idea Band featuring a remarkable
cast of musicians that changes depending of the venue
Sheehsam & Lotus
(the original Big Idea Band)
Dave Clark & The Woodshed Orchestra
(or perhaps your High School Band???}

The Big Idea is also a metaphor.

It acts as a placeholder for all the Creative Work
I do as an Artist-Educator—a Song, Story & Sound Artist
who works in Classrooms & Cafés singing & telling Stories, writing and recording Music
& Performing for Adults and for Children.

The Big Idea represents

a Spirit of Playfulness & Possibility.
What’s the Big Idea is an Open-Ended Question
that lets us Create, Compose, Explore & Imagine together.

What’s the Big Idea?!?

It could be Huge! (A Large Big Idea.)
It could be Cutting Edge. Life-changing & Revolutionary.
It could be Small! (A Small Big Idea.)
It could be Cosmic & Playful & Rich with Meaning
(but maybe it prefers to fly under the radar?)
It could be a wise crack: “Hey! What’s the Big Idea?
It could be Practical & Pragmatic. It could be Philosophical.
It could be All of the Above.

What’s the Big Idea?!? It’s a Radio Hour
bigIdea Radio: A BlogTalk Radio Program
A show that hosts an ongoing conversation about
Artistry & Education
Coming in Late Autumn 2013
Stay tuned …

What’s the Big Idea?!?

I believe it’s best to paraphrase Rainer Maria Rilke
and the famous passage from his “Letters to a Young Poet.”
Rilke says we might learn to love the questions themselves
rather than seek answers. By learning to live the questions now we might
gradually without noticing it live along some distant day into the answer.

Meantime I am choosing to take heart in knowing that no one really knows what The Big Idea is anyway.
But not knowing the answer certainly doesn’t prevent us from asking the question in some seriously playful ways.

The Big Idea that I’m thinking of. The Big Idea it fits like a glove.
The Big Idea—all you need is …