Another School Year Ends …

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Monday June 29, 2015

Hey! You sound just like the guy on the cd!! …

—Kindergarten student, Central Public School

The school year comes to a close. Pause here and listen for sounds of children’s voices in your neighbourhood—voices you haven’t heard since last summer. Stand near the school yard and listen: silence.

My school year finished with back-to-back visits at 3 Kingston schools. I did week-long artist-in-residencies at First Ave, Frontenac & Central Public Schools. All of them in or just on the fringe of my neighbourhood. Fabulous to be able to bike to work with a guitar on my back. My thanks to all the students and teachers at these schools.

I worked with 2 schools that will eventually close to form a new combined school. First Ave and Frontenac will both close after the 2015-16 school year to re-open the following year as Molly Brant Elementary School on the Queen Elizabeth school site. My hope is to work with both schools again next year and help them create and record a commemorative musical cd. Let me know if you have ideas or suggestions or want to be part of the process.

My thanks once again to the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) who provided me with an “Artists-in-Education” grant to work in these schools. In addition to Central, Frontenac & First Ave, I also worked with Lancaster Elementary here in Kingston as well as Prince of Wales School in Peterborough. I’ve received another OAC grant for the 2015-16 school year.

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