At the Drive Thru

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Sometimes I wonder why no one’s inside.

There’s empty tables. There’s empty chairs.

It looks clean and cozy but one one is there—

Cuz everybody’s lined up at the drive thru …

Been to the drive thru lately? What was YOUR experience like? One day, I was driving by a strip of fast food chains and couldn’t help noticing great lines of cars lined up at the various drive thru entrances. In fact, I couldn’t help noticing that, most often, cars snaked their way around the entire building, every driver intent on driving off with anything from lattés and donuts to cheeseburgers and fries.

As a songwriter, my job of course is to observe such phenomena, take notes, add lyrics and music and then stand back and see what happens. In this case, ‘At the Drive Thru’ was created, a song that, with the help of Dave Clark and The Woodshed Orchestra, is now almost ready to appear on my forthcoming children’s album, ‘The Very Next Day.’ I invite you to have a listen to the pre-release demo of the song to hear of the adventures (and sometimes misadventures) of a family determined to make it through the line up to order and receive their various and sundry treats.

I also invite you to share your drive thru story, successful or otherwise, and, if you’re willing, I invite you to respond to my informal drive thru survey. When I play this song live, I invite audiences to place themselves somewhere on the ‘How I View and Interpret the Role of the Drive Thru in Contemporary Society’ Spectrum. (Where one end of the spectrum might be “Drive Thru as pre-cursor to societal collapse” and the other extreme might be “Drive Thru as modern day saviour And the line up is 12 cars long …

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