Canadian Folk Music Awards

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I flew to Calgary to attend the Canadian Folk Music Awards.  ‘What’s the Big Idea?!?’ was nominated for ‘Children’s Album of the Year.’  It was my first awards ceremony—no red carpet but very festive and folky at the same time.  Shelagh Rogers and Benoit Bourque co-hosted the event and musical performances kept the evening flowing. Watching Lorne Elliot (‘Madly Off in All Directions’) was a highlight.  His unruly hair flowing grey now but still horizontally. His songs laugh out loud brilliant.

Not surprisingly, the presentation of the Children’s Category caught my full attention.  Once the nominees were announced, there was the pregnant pause while the envelope was torn open.  Alas, my name was not called and I was not invited to the podium to thank my family and the many people who made the Big Idea possible.  Helen Austin won the award. And deservedly so.  Everything and anything I discovered of her work on her website leading up to the awards ceremony seemed singular, sparkly and new.  I hope you get a chance to check out her music (as well as the music of the other nominees).

One of the unexpected benefits of being nominated was meeting the other nominees.  I was already friends with The Funky Mamas but was unfamiliar with Helen Austin, Madame Diva and Jennifer Gasoi.  I did not meet Jennifer or Madame Diva (Jocelyne) in person but spent time talking online.  (Helen and I were the only ones at the ceremony.)

As a result of these new friendships, I am now heading to Montreal to meet Jennifer Gasoi and attend her annual show.  I’ll join her on stage for a song and get a chance to hear her impressive band work their way through an afternoon of music.

I want to thank all of the folks who continue to support me and believe in The Big Idea.  In particular, I want to give a shout-out to my dear musical pal, Peter Lenton who won the 2011 JUNO award for best Children’s Album. Peter drove down from Edmonton to Calgary to be with me at the Award Ceremony.  A beautiful and loving gesture.  Thanks Dr. Splice.

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Keep music in your lives friends.  And remember Neil Young’s wise words:

Live Music is better: bumper stickers should be issued.





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