Wednesday April 29, 2015

Cat Woods! Cat Woods! Cataraqui Woods!

Our school’s got. Our school’s got.

The Cataraqui Goods!


I’ve been working with the staff and students of Cataraqui Woods School over the course of the 2014-2015 school year. As a member of the Kingston Artists Roster, I’ve had the opportunity to work on an extended project through a program called, “Issue-Based Artist in Residence Education.” This granting opportunity is administered by the Limestone School District and the City of Kingston with funding from the Ontario Arts Council (which I’m very thankful for).

During this project, each class in the school wrote and recorded their own song as a way of capturing all the things that made their particular class unique and special. Along the way, I offered my own songs, mostly from my last 2 children’s albums, “What’s the Big Idea” and “The Very Next Day.” ‘At the Drive Thru’ was a very popular song during our sessions—it easily held its position as #1 on the Cat Woods Pop Charts.

I’ve now been involved with several different schools across Ontario who bring me in to help them create a school song. It’s always an interesting process. Aside from the very obvious, “What rhymes with Cataraqui?” or whatever school name I encounter, there are a lot of factors that feed into the creation of a school song. What makes the school ‘tick’? What is the school really proud of? What is truly important in the life of the school? What does the school value? What do the staff feel is most important in the lives of the children they’re teaching and learning with?

Our project culminated with the writing and recording of The Cat Woods School Song. A group of 25 students representing each grade of the school gathered in the Resource Centre to record the song. They sang beautifully and the recording turned out very well. We will premiere the song at the school recognition assembly on Tuesday May 18, 2015. Can’t wait! (And yes, I rhymed ‘Woods’ with ‘goods’!)

My thanks to the staff and students of Cataraqui Woods School who hosted me throughout the year, shared their creativity and made me feel most welcome at their school.

The Cat Woods School Song  

Gary Rasberry & Students

April 2015

Cat Woods! Cat Woods! Cataraqui Woods!

Our school’s got. Our school’s got the Cataraqui goods!


Cat Woods school includes everybody

As we work and we play—and as we study

That’s the way it’s done

There’s room for everyone


I can be me and you can be you

Even if we have different points of view

Each of us plays our part

We’re “ Cataraqui-Smart”


Cataraqui—green and blue

Cataraqui—me and you

Cataraqui Woods


When it’s time to play, count us in

Let the Cataraqui fun begin.

It’s a Science and an Art

To be Cataraqui Smart


When there’s work to be done—we do it

It’s not easy but we stick to it.

We finish what we start

We’re ‘Cataraqui-Smart’



Cataraqui—work and play

Cataraqui Woods


Our differences all come together

Through sunny skies and stormy weather

We play it from the heart

We’re “Cataraqui-Smart”!


Cataraqui—walks the walk

Cataraqui—talks the talk

Cataraqui—We Rock!


Cat Woods! Cat Woods! Cataraqui Woods!

Our school’s got. Our school’s got.

The Cataraqui goods! Cataraqui Woods!

Cataraqui Woods!

Cataraqui Woods!






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