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October 1, 2019

In case their was any doubt …

Kingston musicians are alive and well these days. I could go right out on a limb—and I will—and say that …

… the local Kingston music scene is thriving.  In fact, so much is going on, I wouldn’t know where to begin.  And, further, I don’t know even a fraction of who the players are and where they’re performing.

But I do know: music is happening here in Kingston.  My own musical world is quite small right now.  I’m in the studio on Wolfe Island making a new record with producer and bass player, Jason Mercer (Ron Sexsmith, Ani Difranco) so I’m not performing very often.

When I do perform, I find myself at Musiikki Café, The Elm Café (where I host a monthly coffeehouse), Blue Martini as well as lots of children/family venues (The Tett Centre, McLachlan Woodworking Museum, schools, libraries etc.) Over the years, I’ve made the trek to Wolfe Island to play the Island Grill and The General Wolfe Hotel.

So why do I feel the particular need at this moment in time to give a Shout Out to Kingston musicians?  Well, it’s because the City of Kingston, through the work of Danika Lochhead and others, have just announced the unveiling of …

     YGK Music

YGK Music is a local music pilot project that showcases and promotes local music and musicians through curated playlists to be made available for listening on the City website and call waiting system, the Visit Kingston music page, and in various City properties.

The inaugural YGK Music playlists highlight two streams; contemporary (including rock, pop, dance, electronic, hip-hop, country and indie music) and traditional (including classical, jazz, blues, folk and world music) and feature 45 tracks, all created by local musicians.

I received notice last week that YGK is now active. Of course, I had to check out the site to listen to my song (I know… don’t say it …)

Here’s the link:

City of Kingston YGK Music Site

I never made it to my song. Yes, it was there but so were songs by all of these Kingston artists I had never heard of before.  I figure if I haven’t heard of them maybe you haven’t either.

Here’s a few I have heard of …

Megan Hamilton. Kyra & Tully. Michael Meyers. Luther Wright & The Wrongs. Tim Aylesworth. Smitty …

… And, here’s a few I haven’t heard of …

Brent Holland. Evan Jackson. Paula Wood. Terri Noyes. The Meringues. Dining with Bears. Goldwing.

Next thing you know, I’d spent a good long while soaking in the sound(s) of a whole lot of (awesome) new music.

Lucky me.  Lucky us.

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