The TedFest That Never Was!

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Summer Camp changed my life. Shaped my life. Made it richer. Made it better. Summer camp made me who I am today. For that, I feel blessed and full of gratitude. In today’s vernacular, summer camp is a ‘Game-Changer.’

Summer camp changes children’s lives in myriad ways that I cannot even begin to chart without turning this blog into a PhD dissertation—and I’m sure there are doctoral works out there doing just that.

I am fortunate to still be involved with the camping movement, most recently with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Camps. I have also been working with my dear friend Jane McCutcheon, recognized and respected as an advocate for the camping movement, locally, nationally and internationally. Jane organized a beautiful event called TedFest as a fund-raiser for an organization called Kids in Camp. For reasons beyond the scope of this blog, TedFest did not take place and has now been famously dubbed, The TedFest That Never Was!

Worry not, there are still ways to support Kids in Camp. Here’s a quick summary of what this organization does …

KIDS IN CAMP is a registered charity that subsidizes camp experiences for children and youth. They are dedicated to assisting families, who otherwise would not be able, to send their kids to camp. KIC works with accredited camps of the Ontario Camps Association who apply for funding for deserving children in the upcoming summer.

KIDS IN CAMP makes the wonder of camp experience available to kids of all backgrounds. It’s an opportunity for them to gain positive life-long memories. It’s a chance to learn about nature, themselves and others. It’s all about creating wonder, hope and building confidence.

If you’re reading this blog, it might mean you’ve already made a donation to Kids in Camp. Please feel free to download the song, Walkin,’ from my latest children’s recording, ‘What’s the Big Idea?!?’ with my thanks. It’s a small way for me to be able to support Kids in Camp by keeping the gift of music flowing. I hope it helps you re-live a camp experience—a song shared round the campfire or in the dining hall—or in a canoe in the middle of a lake.

Kids In Camp

And please let me know if you’d be interested in having me visit your camp. I offer campfire and singsong sessions for camp staff (see my website for the workshops I do with Song, Story & Sound) and also offer dining hall and campfire song sessions for campers.

Click here for your free download of the song, ‘Walkin’

Note:  The canoe image above is from the Kids in Camp website

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