VIA Rail Adventure

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November 24, 2017


Hey friends, I’m getting set to start my railway adventure. I depart from Toronto’s Union Station on Saturday November 25th at 10pm. Destination: Vancouver, British Columbia with a stop in Jasper, Alberta. I’ll be the VIA Rail Artist on Board which means I will be singing for my supper, so to speak. I’ll offer daily performances in various locations on the train (the snack car and the dome car are 2 common spots).I’d love to take you on my trip but given baggage restrictions, I’ll just try to keep you posted and give you a feel for how BIG our country really is. Here’s a hint. I leave Toronto, Ontario on a Saturday and arrive in Jasper, Alberta 3 ½ days later. I’ll report in from Jasper where I perform at Jasper Elementary School and also do an evening concert in the community. Then it’s off to Vancouver, an overnight trip from Jasper through the Rockies. One creative goal I’ve set for myself is to write a song for every province I pass through. Ontario will, of course, be my first song. I’M LOOKING FOR LYRIC IDEAS FROM YOU. Please send them to me, either through Facebook or through my website contact

Send me ANY idea you have, the quirkier the better! Of course I’ll need some words that rhyme with Ontario (like ‘stereo’) and I’ll need some place names of Ontario cities and towns, too. PLEASE help me compose a soundtrack for my cross-country tour.

Here’s the first verse from my song, “I’m Taking the Train” …

I’m taking the train—cuz my car uses too much gas

I’m taking the train—cuz the plane just goes too darn fast

I’m taking the train—steady humming on silver wheels

I’m taking the train—cuz I love how this country feels

 Bon Voyage!





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