What If Kids Could Vote?

Categories: Exploring Family LIfe,Pedagogy,The Big Idea

What if kids could vote?   It’s a question that’s very interesting to consider. What if? (I don’t know.) It’s a question that easy for us to dismiss. Many would be quick to say, “Children can’t vote!   It just wouldn’t work. They don’t understand politics. They don’t understand the issues.” And on and on the thinking would go by the naysayers. Initially, I’m quite certain it would be chaos. No doubt about it. But if you know kids like I know kids then you’ll know how wise they are and how deep they go in terms of grasping the fundamental tenants of our humanity. Peace. Love. Justice. Fairness. Equity. Kindness.   Just think about it. What if kids could vote?

I’d like to write a song about it. Want to help? Let’s meet here next blog entry and give it a go?



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