Working with Children

Categories: Pedagogy,Performance

December 1, 2017


… Worked my butt off, happily, here in this mountain town. I’m not scared to use the word

awesome to talk about this trip …

… Just stare at the image below for a while. Pick a child, any child and just try to take it all in. This is who I’m surrounded by during these gigs.



Even when I can’t take it all in because it’s so much, it pours right through me. The love and the joy. And the radiance. The pureness of their presence can knock the breath right out of you. Who wouldn’t want to do this for a living?


I can never be in charge of these exchanges. Sometimes, I’m a puppet on a string. Children are so powerful. They demand a good show from me. They deserve a good show and they know it. They take me to task. They work me. And I don’t mind. It pushes me. It makes me ‘go for it.’ Sometimes, I work like a madman. I rush into the crowd of 250 children all crowded into the gymnasium. I feel like my favourite rock star. I grin foolishly. I act foolishly. I am cool and groovy. I am nerdy and geekish.


When I forget why I’m doing this, I will stare at this photo of these children who stand in for All Children. Then it will all come back to me …


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