Youthwrite: A Camp for Young Writers

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Monday July 20, 2015

Youthwrite: A camp for kids who love to write … just about anything!

I just spent a week at the Youthwrite Camp in Edmonton, Alberta with about 50 young writers between the ages of 11 and 14 on site. They are poets and playwrights, songwriters and graphic novelists, artists and dreamers all.

The energy that flows through Youthwrite is palpable. To harness this energy would be to re-imagine and re-invent our sense of alternative energy: think solar, wind and water combined. The world would shine brighter and better—and it will if these young artists have their say.

I have SO much more to say about my time at camp spent with an amazing group of staff and instructors but I think I will save the details and share them in future blogs. I plan to open these blogs to the youthwriters I met at camp and invite them, in turn, to write and respond with words of their own.

For now, just let me say THANK YOU to all the beautiful staff (the ‘Supers,’ the instructors, the campers AND, of course, to Gail Sidonie Sobat, the director and the heart and soul of Youthwrite.


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