November 16, 2017

BLOGGER FALLS OFF FACE OF THE EARTH … but in a miraculous turn of events makes it back to continue writing blogs. Yes, folks. I’m back. I was lost but now I’m found. I got kind of discouraged for a while there. No one seemed to be visiting my website and I felt like I was writing reader-less blogs. No fun, really.  So why start again? Hmmmm. Good question. Mostly because I’m feeling good again. Energized and excited by all the things happening in my personal and professional life that I’d like to share. I’m feeling a lot of Gratitude for all the blessings in my life and it’s time to share some of my excitement.

I could write a 90-page blog that would catch you up on Everything that’s happened since the last blog I posted on February 29, 2016. Nope. But I’ll tell you I’ve been doing some great work in schools this Fall. I worked with filmmaker Dave McCallum (Lightstruck Films) to create a documentary with the students at Molly Brant. I did a mini-artist in residence with my friends at Cataraqui Woods School. I continue to work with New Leaf Link in Harrowsmith. And everything else feels like a blur of gigs and various musical adventures.

My next BIG adventure? VIA Rail Artist on Board. Yep. Jumping on the train in Toronto and heading for Vancouver with a stop in Jasper. I’ll write more about my upcoming train trip soon. All aboard!



Philosopher. Poet.

Imagination Consultant.

Musician. Artist. Educator.

Insecure Extrovert. Reluctant Enthusiast.

Risk-taker. Scaredy Cat.

Small animal with fast metabolism.

A Connector-of-Dots:

I Bring People & Ideas together.
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The Big Idea is sometimes funny. It’s partly cloudy. It’s partly sunny.

It’s a cup of tea served with honey. It’s a Big Idea for sure …

Blogger Falls off face of the Earth

November 16, 2017 BLOGGER FALLS OFF FACE OF THE EARTH … but in a miraculous turn of events makes it back to continue writing blogs. Yes, folks. I’m back. I was lost but now I’m found. I got kind of discouraged for a while there. No one seemed to be visiting my website and I…

100 Kids Video

February 29, 2016 Hey Friends 100 Kids Kingston had a very special event at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning on February 20, 2016. We gathered to make a little video featuring a small but mighty cast of the 100 Kids group singing the new theme song.  We were joined by Braden Dragomir from make…

100 Kids Theme Song

February 15, 2016 You may be small but you can make a difference … Hello friends. Here’s the latest update on 100 Kids Kingston. We had our 2nd official meeting on February 2, 2016. The group continues to grow. (100 Kids is now a group of 205 children!) I believe in 100 Kids Kingston and…


Mouse only FINAL SMALL-1

The Art of Song, Story & Sound Workshops

What’s the Big Idea at your school?? Gary Rasberry will help your students discover and explore ideas both big and small through the art of Song & Story & Sound. His arts-based workshops (mini, half, full-day & residencies) explore curricular elements of music, drama and literacy-based learning. Combine a workshop with a performance-based concert in which students showcase and perform the work they create in the workshop. Stand-alone concert performances feature music from his JUNO-nominated children’s album, “What’s the Big Idea?!?” and his latest recording, “The Very Next Day.”


Song, Story & Sound 1: Right Off The Page! (Bringing Literacy Alive)

Song, Story & Sound 2: Creating Soundscapes (Making Classroom Audio Archives)

Song, Story & Sound 3: Interactive Group Singing featuring songs from The Big Idea

Song, Story & Sound 4: Songwriting Workshop



    The Big Idea is a big hit with me and my granddaughters! It is the only music we now listen to while driving. Madeleine calls out,

    “Let’s listen to Gary Rasberry” and Mirabelle chimes in, “More … More!”

    The Big Idea is marvelous!


    —Carl Leggo

    Fred Penner is still out there goovin’ but with Raffi nowhere in sight and my children now grown up, somebody had to come along and make a record to help parents create a new family soundtrack for themselves and their children. I’m no Raffi but it didn’t stop me from asking, What’s the Big Idea!?!

    Gerald Wilton Razzletone Professor At Large

    … So, thank you Gary Rasberry for reminding me of this artist’s truth. And thank you for sharing your lovely music with me … read more

    Julia Jordan Kamanda The Music Mommy

    … [Gary says his] true calling in life is to be a “connector-of-dots.” He loves connecting people and ideas together to make things happen. He also said that possibly one of his life jobs is to help “reclaim magic” and maybe that’s part of everyone’s job. I LOVE this idea. As artists, one of the things we are meant to do is use sound/paint/dance to connect with the essential Creative Spirit, harness its potentiality, and reclaim it; turning it into something magical. inspiring. beautiful …

    … [This] “stay-at-home father and artist” has a new album out called “What’s the Big Idea?” and I’m absolutely LOVING the vibe. It’s bluegrass, it’s folk, it’s laid back, and it’s KIDS music! Actually, it’s family music. It’s good music that is simple enough for kids to catch on to, but not “bubblegum” at all. Just wholesome and chill …

    Gary Rasberry’s music … is a throwback to simpler days when life was about music and friends and enjoying life …

    A beautiful work of music … folk with a Magical Mystery Tour twist. Lots of Woody Guthrie found here. And what about those stellar side men Sheesham & Lotus …  … Pure joyfulness.  Which is why it can appeal to kids and to the kids in adults and those who see laughter as a kind of music to make their lives of …  … If records can be judged by how many times you find yourself singing along, than this is a masterpiece.

    David Penberg School Administrator/Educator, NYC

    Gary Rasberry is offering a God-send to beleaguered parents … [and] there’s no mystery why. The CD offers sterling music values and great musicians like his friends Sheesham & Lotus. read more

    Greg Burliuk Kingston Whig Standard

    Gary Rasberry is AWESOME!

    Tyler, Grade 3 student Cataraqui Woods Elementary School